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How to Use

How to use the Dreampad products, including setup and troubleshooting

Getting Started

PILLOWS. Your Dreampad pillow is ready to go right out of the box. Remove from the bag and unzip the small pocket on the side of the pillow. Inside is a 6-foot white cord with a plug on the end which will serve as your connector to the audio technolo

Connecting to Music

Carefully produced and curated music is available on the Dreampad Music App.  The Dreampad App is not required to operate the Dreampad Pillows or Aurras, but is recommended for music that is selected to sound great with the Dreampad and also help you


The sounds and music should be audible; this is not a subliminal music program. If you can’t hear the audio, a) make sure it’s playing by listening to it without the Dreampad, b) check your volume level, and c) make sure your connections are good. We

Usage Tips

When you begin using the Dreampad, we recommend setting the music sessions at 2 hours or less. After a week or so, you should be acclimated to the vibrational music and you can set the timer for longer periods. In particular, those who tend to wake u

Health Warnings and Risks

Individuals with strong vestibular sensitivities may encounter initial dizziness or nausea from using the Dreampad.  This is because the Dreampad technology has a stimulatory effect on the vestibular system.  This will not cause permanent damage.  Ho