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Health Warnings and RisksUpdated a year ago

Vestibular Sensitivity

Individuals with strong vestibular sensitivities may encounter initial dizziness or nausea from using the Dreampad.  This is because the Dreampad technology has a stimulatory effect on the vestibular system.  This will not cause permanent damage.  However, it is best to adjust to the Dreampad by listening only a few minutes each night during the first few nights, and then gradually increase exposure each night.

For those Prone to Seizures

We have been asked many times over the years if the Dreampad is contra-indicated for those who can experience seizures.  We have never had any reports of seizures associated with Dreampad use, and do not consider this a significant risk.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

The Dreampad pillow or Aurras does not produce any EMR.  The Bluetooth device produces electromagnetic waves in the form of ultra-high frequency waves, similar to a phone.  If you are concerned about EMR, you can use the included adapter, which allows connection to the phone without Bluetooth.

If you prefer not to use a phone for music, you can purchase a Sony Walkman with Dreampad music pre-loaded.  

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