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Usage TipsUpdated a year ago

Can I keep the Dreampad on all night?

When you begin using the Dreampad, we recommend setting the music sessions at 2 hours or less. After a week or so, you should be acclimated to the vibrational music and you can set the timer for longer periods. In particular, those who tend to wake up during the night like to set the music to play throughout the night to bring them back into a sleep state if they wake up.  Please note:  the Circadian Bluetooth should play all night on a full battery charge but will need to be recharged the next day.

Is it okay to use the Dreampad under my pillow?

We have designed the Aurras to do exactly this.  It is a thin panel that can slip under your pillow and the sound will travel through your pillow.  

Does it take time to get comfortable with the Dreampad?

Some people find it takes several nights to acclimate to the Dreampad. Others love it the first night. It’s all about individual preferences.  If you really prefer your own pillow, try the Aurras, which can easily slip under your pillow and provide the same great sound.

Can I use the Dreampad while reading or doing homework?

Yes, reading or studying while using Dreampad products is fine and may actually help your focus and attention… unless, of course, you fall asleep.

May I lie on either my back or side?

Yes, either is fine. The volume should be lower when sleeping on your side. The volume control is easy to use (keep in mind that it’s easy to adjust the volume level by simply moving your head slightly toward, or away from, the center of the Dreampad).

Does my ear need to be against the center of the Dreampad to receive the benefits?

As long as you can hear the audio, you will receive the benefits.

What is the 6-ft extension cable used for?

The extension cable may be used as an extension to the connection to your smart device if you prefer not to have it close to your pillow. Simply connect the extension cable to the Dreampad and to your Bluetooth receiver, and keep the phone on a night table. This also allows you to keep your phone plugged in and charging while listening during the night.

Should I use a pillowcase?

We recommend using an appropriate-sized pillow case with your Dreampad to keep it clean.

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