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TroubleshootingUpdated a year ago

I Can't Hear the Music

The sounds and music should be audible; this is not a subliminal music program. If you can’t hear the audio, a) make sure it’s playing by listening to it without the Dreampad, b) check your volume level, and c) make sure your connections are good. We recommend listening at a relatively low volume level. If there is ambient noise in the room, such as a fan or humidifier, this will interfere with your ability to hear audio through the Dreampad, so we suggest either turning off the ambient sound or raising the volume of the Dreampad pillow.

Bluetooth not connecting

If your Bluetooth device is not connecting (pairing) with your phone, try the following steps:

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth device.
  2. Check on your phone settings for Bluetooth devices, and look for Dreampad in the list of devices.  
  3. If you see this, delete/forget this device.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth device and look for it in the list on your phone.
  5. When it appears, tap the name Dreampad.

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