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Getting StartedUpdated a year ago

Initial Setup


Your Dreampad pillow is ready to go right out of the box. Remove from the bag and unzip the small pocket on the side of the pillow. Inside is a 6-foot white cord with a plug on the end which will serve as your connector to the audio technology inside the pillow. Make sure the dragonfly logo on the Dreampad pillow is FACING UP.

For the Aurras, simply remove from packaging, place it directly under your existing pillow, and follow instructions below for setting up Bluetooth. Make sure the Aurras logo is FACING UP.

Connecting to Dreampad


You can connect the Dreampad pillow or Aurras to your phone through the included Bluetooth receiver. Please follow the detailed instructions below.

  1. CHARGE your Bluetooth device as soon as you receive the product to make sure it is fully charged before use.
  2. PLUG the included micro-USB cable into the port on the Bluetooth receiver. Then plug the other end into any charging block. Make sure to fully insert the micro-USB into the device.
  3. LOOK FOR THE SOLID RED LEDLIGHT, which indicates that charging has started.  When it is fully charged it should be solid blue.  With a 2.4 V charging block, charging should take 1-2 hours.


  1. Go to SETTINGS>BLUETOOTH on your phone and make sure Bluetooth is on. 
  2. POWER UP the Dreampad Bluetooth device. Start by long pressing the button. The button will light up and flash blue and red alternately.
  3. LOOK ON YOUR PHONE AND TAP H1,located towards the bottom of the screen. The light on the Bluetooth device will flash blue and your phone should indicate that the device is connected (will display under MY DEVICES on an iPhone). If the name does not appear, try turning off Bluetooth mode on your phone and then turning back on.  
  4. AFTER INITIAL PAIRING,the device will pair automatically when powered on.


  1. PRESS AND HOLD the power button for about one second. The Red LED Indicator will flash three times and go off.

If You Receive a Call

If your phone is paired to the Bluetooth device and playing audio, and you receive a phone call, the phone will revert to the handset and will pause the audio you were playing.  The Bluetooth device will remain paired to your phone.  You can either take the call, using the phone as normal or decline the call.  Once your phone call is concluded, you will need to manually restart the audio on your phone by hitting the play button.  You should not need to reset the Bluetooth pairing.

If you do not want the audio to be interrupted, you can set your phone to Airplane Mode and the Bluetooth connection will remain on.


If you do not want to use Bluetooth, simply plug the cord from the Dreampad pillow or Aurras into the included adapter, and then plug the adapter into your phone.

This adapter allows simultaneous playback of music and charging of your phone, so your phone will be fully charged in the morning.  And you can still play whatever music, sounds or stories you like - just choose your content and play as you would with headphones or any other device.

  1. To use, just plug the Dreampad cable into the headphone jack on the adaptor.  Then plug your charging cable into the charging port, and then plug the lightning or USB-C plug into your phone.  
  2. Make sure to choose your phone type when ordering, as iPhone and Android phones have different plug types.

Playing Content

Your phone, iPad, or other playback devices will provide the content for your Dreampad Pillow or Aurras.  

The Dreampad connects to your phone either through BLUETOOTH or DIRECT CONNECTION.

You can use any music or sound source to play music through your Dreampad products. Play music from your playlists in Apple Music, Spotify, or other apps with your favorite sleep sounds. We recommend trying the Dreampad Sleep app, available on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Or, you can purchase directly from Dreampad at a discount when you purchase a pillow or Aurras.  Please note that the Dreampad Sleep app is NOT REQUIRED to operate the Dreampad pillow or Aurras.  

See Sleep Tips for more information on music and improving sleep in general.

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