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What to Listen toUpdated a year ago

What kind of music should I listen to with the Dreampad?

We recommend music with the following characteristics: Ambient, or a-melodic, music is preferred for sleeping because the brain tends to engage in a melody and while it may be relaxing, it’s not ideal for falling asleep. Slow tempo is preferred, maybe around 60 beats per minute. Low frequency music, such as cello music, helps relax the nervous system and also sounds great with the Dreampad pillow and Aurras.  

Can I listen to podcasts or books? 

Yes, absolutely. Find any audiobook or podcast that is relaxing for you. Reminder, we recommend sounds that do not have a lot of variation or crescendos, as these tend to wake up the brain. For example, people yelling on a podcast may not be the best for providing a deep, relaxing sleep!

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