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Is the Dreampad app required?Updated a year ago

Is the Dreampad App required?

The app is not required to operate or use the Dreampad pillow or Aurras - it is simply a source of music to listen to without interruption (no ads). 

You will need some source of content.  We highly recommend music, and music with specific characteristics, to help guide you into restful sleep.  If audiobooks, podcasts, or other sounds help you fall asleep, definitely use those!  

The Dreampad app has hundreds of hours of music, sounds, and stories developed and curated to help most people fall asleep and stay asleep.  The tracks on our app are chosen to sound good on Dreampad products as well as have beneficial effects in helping to create a relaxation response in the body.  

However, the app itself does not control the pillow or Aurras in any way.  

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