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App SubscriptionUpdated a year ago

The Dreampad Sleep app is available by subscription directly through the Apple App Store and Google Play, or at discounted prices through the Dreampad store. Dreampad music is developed and selected based on the latest sleep research findings, including the core aspects of tempo, frequency, nature sounds and brain wave activity during sleep. However, you can listen to music or other sounds from any source - Apple Music, Spotify (watch out for ads through), YouTube, or any other streaming service or library.


You can subscribe to the app on either an annual or a monthly basis.  Subscribing through the Dreampad store provides a first-year price of only $10.00.  Renewals thereafter are $29.99 per year.

Monthly subscriptions are available through the Apple App Store or Google Play and cost $2.99 per month.  

Subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime.  (No partial refunds are available for annual subscriptions cancelled during the year.)


If you subscribed through the Dreampad store, please just contact us to cancel.  If you subscribed through the App Store or Google Play, please cancel through either of those platforms.  

Please note:  Dreampad cannot cancel on your behalf if you subscribed through the App Store or Google Play, nor can we provide refunds.  Those must be handled directly with Apple or Google.

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