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Airplane Mode with Dreampad AppUpdated a year ago

Using Airplane Mode

The Dreampad Sleep App is best used with an internet or data usage connection, as it is a streaming app. To use the Dreampad App while on Airplane Mode you will need to download tracks to your phone's storage. If you wish to use airplane mode, you have two options:

1. Download the tracks you want to play by following these steps:  

  • Find the track you want, and tap the Info Icon 
  • Then tap the ... icon and toggle the Download switch to On (circle should be to the right)     You can do this for a number of songs and add them to a Collection, and play the Collection
  • If you like just one song, download that song and set it to repeat and it will play all night

2. Use Airplane Mode for cellular only.  iPhones allow a user to turn off cellular and leave Wi-Fi on.  This will allow you to turn off annoying phone calls but still stream audio.  To do this, go to iPhone Settings and then enable Airplane Mode.  Then, tap on Wi-Fi and enable it.  Your phone will remember the last setting you chose, so the next time you enable Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi will remain on.  

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